Welcome to I.S.R, Inc.

Intelligent Systems Research, Inc. is a small, veteran-owned company with offices in Thousand Oaks, California and Huntsville, Alabama. We at Intelligent Systems Research pride ourselves in our system engineering and software development capabilities and technologies that are among the best in the industry. Our company background in large complex system development is unique in the industry, including development of real-time net-centric, distributed battle management and control systems software for some of the most advanced weapon systems in the US Military.



Intelligent Systems Research is developing advanced technologies that enable that will make Distributed Integrated Fire Control a reality for all our Air  & Missile Defenses - enabling Ballistic Missile and Cruise Missile target engagement on network sensor data.
 Example Technologies under Development at Intelligent Systems Research:

• Distributed Integrated Track & Classification, Discrimination, Identification (CDI) Fusion
• Distributed  Geodetic Sensor Registration
• Distributed Target Evaluation
• 3-D Image Reconstruction Using Sensor Data from Multiple Sources
• Distributed Air & Missile Defense Resource Managment

With our extensive experience in advanced system development, we at Intelligent Systems Research are well-aware of the need for approaches that enable ease of insertion and improvement to support modern system software development efforts.  Our algorithmic software technologies are implemented using open, software component technology that enables insertion of these technologies into Systems.

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