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  Who We Are / Team Experience & Background

Project Development Expertise  

Our engineering team at Intelligent Systems Research has extraordinary talents  and background in System Engineering and Software Development on Many Important  Air & Missile Defense and other major Military and Space System Development  and Commercial System Projects.  Those projects have included the  following:

    • US Army Patriot Missile System

    • US Army HAWK Missile System  

    • US Army TSQ-73  

    • Hubble Space Telescope

    • GBR-X  

    • THAAD BM/C3I  

    • TMD-GBR / THAAD Radar

    • Space  Tracking and Surveillance System (STSS)

    • Missile Defense  National Team 

    • MEADS System  

    • MEADS BM/C4I  

    • Joint Track Manager / Joint Single Integrated Air Picture (SIAP) Project

    • US Army Integrated Air & Missile Defense (IAMD) System of Systems

    • US Army IAMD Battle Command System (IBCS)

    • US Army Light TACFIRE System

    • Phase I and II Small Business Innovative Research (SBIR) Projects  

    • Medical Systems Network Design & Prototype Development

    •  E-Commerce Ordering & Fulfillment System Architecture for

President & Chief Engineer - William (Bill) Cook.

Mr.  Cook founded Intelligent Systems Research in 1999.  Prior to starting  Intelligent Systems Research, Mr. Cook was Lead Engineer for the THAAD BM/C3I  development program and MEADS BM/C4I at Litton Data Systems from 1991 to  1999.  The THAAD BM/C3I was developed as a netted, distributed, replicated  architecture with multiple radars and weapon sites across the battlefield and  included over 400,000 SLOC of applications software developed using  object-oriented analysis and design providing real-time weapon and sensor  resource optimization.  Prior to his time at Litton, Mr. Cook was the  Manager of Patriot Command & Control at Raytheon.  Prior to joining  Raytheon, Mr. Cook was an Army Air Defense Artillery officer where he was  well-known for creating the tactics, war plans and procedures for the Patriot  operations for the Army and NATO.  Mr. Cook earned his BS in engineering  at the US Military Academy at West Point and  his MA at Trinity College of Graduate Studies.  At Intelligent Systems Research,  Mr. Cook has architected a large-scale internet ordering and fulfillment system  for a commercial internet company, architected a medical diagnosis evaluation  system, led the architecture development activities on the MEADS program in  support of MEADS International, and led the architecture definition for the  Army’s Integrated Air & Missile Defense project. 

Dr.  Phillip Dennis, Chief Scientist 

Dr. Dennis is an extraordinary scientist with extensive system development  background. Dr. Dennis obtained his Ph.D. in theoretical physics from the  University of Missouri.  Over the years, Dr.  Dennis has worked on diverse projects in the areas of physical oceanography  (signal detection in background clutter), control and scheduling  software/algorithms for the Hubble Space Telescope, tracking radar algorithms,  and diverse mathematical algorithms for the THAAD BM/C3I system.  His  responsibilities have included: Chief architect of the GBR Mission Applications  Program, Principal Investigator of a number of corporate BM/C4I IR&Ds  (Litton Data Systems), Principle Investigator for the fusion engine developed  during the BMC4I shooter architecture program and algorithm designer for an  SMDC hybrid fusion contract, and Principal Investigator for several Phase I &  II SBIRs (while Chief Scientist at TechFinity and Intelligent Systems Research)  and key Subject Matter Expert to the Joint Architecture Working Group for the  Joint Track Manager (SIAP).  Dr. Dennis has published many technical  papers, been awarded three patents, has been recognized by various awards from  NASA, TRW, and Litton, and is a member of the American Physical Society.

Mr.  David Stone, Director, Huntsville Engineering

Mr. Stone is responsible for system / software engineering efforts in Huntsville for Intelligent  Systems Research.  Mr. Stone earned his BS from Texas A&M   University.  Mr.  Stone was a career Army Air Defense Artillery officer (retired Lt. Colonel),  where he was well-known for his ingenuity and technical brilliance within air  defense operations and combat developments circles.  Prior to joining  Intelligent Systems Research, Mr. Stone was the Defense Design development lead  for the THAAD BM/C3I program at Litton during the Dem/Val phase, and then the  THAAD Battle Management CSCI lead during the EMD phase at Litton / Northrop  Grumman.  At Intelligent Systems Research, Mr. Stone has participated in  the development of the Army’s IAMD Increment 1.5 system requirements, and then  developed the detailed architecture and concepts for Defense Design, Battle  Monitor & Control and Force Operations Integration capabilities into the  Army’s IAMD Increment 2.

Mr.  Clifford Thomson, Director, Software Engineering  

Dr. Thomson is responsible for leading the software development efforts at  Intelligent Systems Research.  Mr. Thomson earned his BS in Computer Science  at Cal State University,  Northridge and has 28 years of software development experience.  Prior to  joining Intelligent Systems Research, Mr. Thomson led and performed extensive  software development efforts at Litton Data Systems on the LFATDS, Light  TACFIRE, IFSAS, Sure Strike, and BFIST programs, winning several leadership  awards; the Flexible Target Family program at Space Vector Corporation, several  SBIR developments at TechFinity Inc., and the E-3A AWACS for the US Air  Force.  Cliff’s experience and knowledge of large complex, real-time  system software design and development, including CMMI processes, help ensure  the development of high quality software at Intelligent Systems Research. 

Mr.  Jarrell Collier, Chief Mathematician  

Mr. Collier is responsible for development of key mathematical approaches  within system software algorithmic solutions at Intelligent Systems  Research.  Mr. Collier earned his BS in Mathematics at Pepperdine University,  his MA in Mathematics (and his Ph.D. work in Stochastic Processes) at the University of California  in Irvine.   Prior to joining Intelligent Systems Research, Mr. Collier was at TechFinity,  where he was principal investigator on several Phase I and Phase II SBIR and  STTR projects.  At Raytheon, Mr. Collier worked on multi-sensor  multi-target tracking algorithms for the Space Surveillance Tracking System  (STSS).  At Litton, Mr. Collier developed many key algorithms for the  THAAD BM/C3I, including engagement planning and scheduling algorithms, and for  various multi-target trackers and where he was awarded the Litton Outstanding  Employee Merit Award and the Litton Advanced Technology Achievement  Award.  At Logicon, Mr. Collier developed mission planning  algorithms.  Mr. Collier has also taught mathematics at Pepperdine University,  Loyola Marymount  University and Santa Monica College.   Mr. Collier is a member of the American Mathematical Society, the Society for  Industrial and Applied Mathematics, the American Statistical Association, and  the Institute of Mathematical Statistics.